Yoga is the answer to so many questions that had so often troubled me. The kind of questions that weren't addressed at school or work, don't really come up in everyday conversation and perhaps I hadn't even vocalised in my own mind, none the less, were there.

I had no idea that yoga would so beautifully guide me towards and reveal the answers

For me, yoga has become a way of life. It broadens my awareness of how I approach everything I do and highlights to me, all the things I don't do. I feel more connected to myself and all those around me. I constantly make inquiries of how to better handle situations in a compassionate and mindful way.

Yoga has given me what I need to be me, a better me

Yoga reveals the tools needed to explore the unconscious self - this exists always in the here and now but until I started practicing, I was completely unaware of. I had been neglecting myself.

Yoga is a gift accessible to everyone,

enhancing our lifestyles and giving us the opportunity to feel more engaged, more present, more aware of what is important in life with undeniable clarity.

When uncertainty arises, yoga provides somewhere to find the answers

The realisation may manifest during an asana practice, after a some time in pranayama or deep meditation. Sometimes the answer requires further consideration before it's revealed and sometimes it raises additional questions. The journey is therefore, continually unraveling as we experience every moment differently and give thanks to be blessed with the opportunity to live it.

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