Reiki is a holistic, natural therapy that works by channeling the bodies flow of energy and is powerful enough to help heal the mind emotionally, the body physically and the spirit by connecting inwardly.

Everything in life needs energy to exist and function.

Try to feel this with a partner by sitting opposite each other, rub your own hands together for a minute then hold your hands out, your palms facing your partner's palms and become aware of the energy. You can play with the field that's been created, bouncing your hands closer together and apart. Whenever you notice someone else's presence entering a room, this is reiki energy.

This energy field that surrounds the body is known as the aura.

Reiki is correlated to the life force that travels via pathways called meridians. There are 7 located in the body, in yoga these are called chakras.

Anyone can practice reiki by receiving attunements from a reiki master. It can be used to treat yourself, treat others, your pets and plants, it can even be directed from a distance. The technique is subtle as the practitioner simply hovers their hands over the aura of themselves or the other person. They may choose instead to gently place their hands on the other person, either way the energy is spiritually guided to wherever it's needed.

How does reiki know where it's needed? The meridians operate like disks or wheels which when healthy are in balance and spin freely, not to fast and not to slow. But when life throws us a bit of a curve ball, they become blocked and the flow of energy is disrupted. We may live with this blockage for sometimes, possibly for the rest of our life if subconsciously, we haven't addressed it. Intuitively, reiki works for the higher good of whomever is undergoing treatment sending strong vibrations of positive energy.

Reiki flows, where attention goes.......

Reiki principles;

"Just for today.........

I will let go of anger

I will be free of worry

I will give thanks for my blessing

I will do my work honestly

I will be to every living being"

Reiki symbols;

Please do contact me if you're interested in the science behind reiki.

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